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So this weekend I finally ordered a new camera! I've researched and researched for months and although I thought I had narrowed it down to a Canon EOS Rebel XSi or the T2i I ended up getting the Canon EOS Rebel T1i. A lot of the reviews said the T1i actually performs better overall then the T2i and for the difference in price (about $65-70 on Amazon) it wasn't really worth it just to get a few extra mega pixels when I'm not a professional photographer. Yes, I admit it, I'm just an amateur but one who loves taking pictures! I love my little Panasonic Lumix and its actually been a really good camera for the last five years, but it's about time I had something with a faster shutter speed and better light sensitivity, especially with a new baby running around the house. :) My Panasonic will still make regular appearances where a more compact camera is necessary but in the mean time it will retire to my collection.

Which gets me to today's blog. Since I'm currently addicted to Pinterest I wanted to start sharing some of my favorite things. Some things I myself collect, such as cameras and vintage luggage, and others I just find lovely, such as umbrellas and retro kitchenware. Since we're on the topic I thought I'd start with vintage cameras. I really didn't start collecting cameras as much as I did inherit them until recently when they started popping up at flea markets and yard sales. My first camera was an Olympus 35mm that I got in junior high. I still own that camera today. Here are a few favorites from Pinterest I hope to add to my collection someday. You can click on any of the pictures to see more of my collections or follow me. Happy Monday! 


Source: via Tara on Pinterest
Source: via Tara on Pinterest
Source: via Tara on Pinterest

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