Upcycled T-Shirt Episode 1: Sewing Machine Cover

T-shirt Sewing Machine Cover
photo courtesy of my lovely sister Molly

I am currently obsessed with making fun stuff out of old t-shirts. So, when my sister sent me photos of her new sewing machine cover I just had to make one of my own and share it with you!

What you need: 
Used t-shirt (just make sure its big enough to cover your machine properly)
Sewing machine
matching cotton thread
Scissors or fabric rotary cutter and cutting mat

When picking your shirt may I suggest something fun from your closet you no longer wear but can't bear to give away.  Mine is a fairly brand new shirt my sister gave me from Idaho that is way to big for me. I like it but don't really wear it so I thought it would be nice to put it on display where I can at least enjoy it.

So here it is, real simple...cut both arms off at a slight angle then cut the top off straight across as shown below.  

upcycled t-shirt sewing cover

Turn your shirt inside out and sew up the edges where you just cut off the neck and sleeves.  I eyeballed and rounded my corners so it made a nice clean profile.

That's it! Turn it right side out and start using it. If you have a really long shirt you can cut off the bottom and remove the extra bulk. I just tucked the fabric inside itself. I also had a shirt that was a little tight on my machine but I actually like it that way because I can tuck my cords up inside the machine and they won't fall out.  If you want to take this project one step further you can hem in an opening at the top for your handle to make for easy carrying. You can make covers like this for almost anything with the right size t-shirt; computer monitors, toasters, tools, etc. Flip them upside down and they make a great basic bags* for storing or carrying supplies.
(*see below for actual bag tutorials)

upcycled t-shirt sewing cover

 Other upcycled T-shirt crafts we've done include these colorful t-shirt necklaces we made with my mom for a Beta Sigma Phi charity auction. I think my favorite part was shopping, finding and matching all the fun colored shirts we found at thrift stores (and my closet).

T-shirt Necklaces

The tutorial for these necklaces actually came from The Wondercraft here in Austin. My sisters and I started our t-shirt craft craze there when they visited last fall.


When I made my sewing cover I also made some fun drawstring bags out of baby clothes and I've started making yarn to crochet/braid a rag rug, table runner and pillow decorations. But I'll save those to share with you on a rainy day. :)  For now, here are some other DIY T-Shirt projects I've collected on my "to do someday" bucket list you might like...

Simple Scarf from Ette Studios
Knotted Scarf from Shwin&Shwin
Braided Scarf from Ninth & Bird
Designer Scarf from Joy Beadworks
Braided Scarf from I Still Love You
Wrapped Bracelets from Family Chic
Braided Bracelets from V and Co.
Shopping Bag from Etsy
Produce Bag from Delia Creates
Knitting Yarn from Polka Dot Pineapple
Tea Roses and Ruffles from Tea Rose Home 
Some great Etsy T-shirt products featured by Cosa Verde

JACK POT! I just found an amazing collection of DIY t-shirt crafts. I don't think you'll find a better collection all in one place then you can HERE.

Enjoy. :)

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