Handmade Baby Shower Gifts

Recently one of my best friends had a baby shower and I wanted to send something special with the handmade gifts I got from Petite Pensieri and Baby Bolt. I saw this really cute DIY cloud toy online so I thought I would make a version of my own.  You can find a pattern and full instructions HERE at ReFabulous. This is my version...

As always I challenged myself to hand draw my own pattern. I also used scraps of ribbon I had left over from other projects instead of fabric. And with a piece of ribbon I added a hoop at the top so they could double as car seat entertainment. 

As a bonus I made a little raindrop with jingle bells in the middle so it sounds like sprinkling rain. :) 

Upcycled Book Project One

I have a whole collection of used books I've picked up here and there from thrift stores and yard sales. Some I love just for how pretty they are, some I'd actually read and others I bought with projects in mind.  I have several book projects on my summer DIY to do list and this is just the first of them. I have been looking for a Rolodex of sorts for my office to hold photos, mail, business cards, etc. Since I haven't found anything I loved I decided to make one of my own out of an old book by simply folding the pages to create a sturdy fan effect. Starting in the middle, I folded the pages in half  then worked my way out to the sides; fanning out the last half inch on either side to disguise the inside cover.  You can use any size book and create your own unique style of Rolodex! Here is mine...

Round Rock Mini Maker Faire

Another great MMF is happening this weekend in Round Rock at the TechShop. Round Rock Mini Maker Faire is featuring more great makers and lots of DIY projects for the whole family! I'll be there again with a special sale on my upcycled game board photo kits.  Pigsey Art will be there with upcycled book and paper journals you can decorate with vintage lace, screen print and more.  Liz Stettler will be doing cut wood block demonstrations again; you can make soap with Feto Soap, learn to sodder with ATX Hackerspace or partake in one of the many demos being put on by the TechShop including 3D Printing!

There will be lots more fun including a special appearance from the life size R2D2 built by Jamie McShan and a chance to partake in Nerdy Derby! 

Upcycled Succulent Planters

Well this project wasn't on my official summer DIY list but it was one that just screamed at me after our cheap muffin pan was official ruined in the last wash. It was perfect timing for me to propagate some of my spring succulents. I also had a rusty bread pan I picked up in a batch at a yard sale a while back that fits perfect in my kitchen window seal.  It was in need of some yummy smelling herbs. 

So this is my version of a succulent centerpiece perfect for your indoor or outdoor table; wedding or summer party...

I opted not to drill holes in the bottom of my pan as I want to potentially use it on my nice dinning table. However, I recommend drilling small holes if possible because succulents require very good drainage.

I used a variety of succulent shoots I had from other plants and mixed in a few new cacti and store bought plants. Make sure to use cacti/succulent soil to encourage proper drainage. I added some decorative white rocks to help contain the soil and make the colors pop.

For the bread pan I simply added some small 3-4" basil and lemon thyme plants, filled in with good soil and added decorative rocks. You could use herbs or flowers and these would also make great party or wedding table centerpieces.