Studio Tour: lost little things

Studio Tour - lost little things


Studio Tour - lost little things
Name: Tara George
Shop: lost little things
Location: Austin, Texas

Where do you primarily work (craft)?  
I work from home and since our son was born I primarily work from our dinning table. My office was converted to the baby room last spring but I still keep all my supplies there in a set of vintage white dressers.  My every day needs are stored on a vintage tray in a collection of tins that decorate our table. I simply pull my sewing machine or bigger supplies out as needed. Its hard but the lighting is pleasant and it forces me to keep a clean space. I also work in the garage or outside when I need to make a mess or use power tools.

What do you make in your space? 
Everything! I make all my shop products; bottle caps, license plates, plushies, spoons, etc. I also enjoy scrap booking, jewelry making, knitting, sewing, and I recently learned how to crochet.

Please describe your style? 
In one word I'd have to say "eclectic". However, Wade tells me that is just me being indecisive. Considering I have a degree in interior design I should be able to clearly define my style but its hard.  I like lots of different styles so mine kind of blurs together and changes frequently. I guess if I had to sum it up with simple words it would be...contemporary, vintage, comfort, colorful, upcycled or thrifty.

Studio Tour - lost little thingsTools of the trade:
A little bit of everything...
hand tools
power tools
jewelry making supplies
sewing machine
scrapbook punches
E6000 glue
screen prints
and I couldn't do a lot of it with out my computer and Photoshop!

What was the biggest inspiration and/or challenge in designing your space? Cramming a lot of stuff in a tiny space...or spaces. It wasn't as hard when I had an entire room to myself but since we converted my office I've had to come up with cleaver ways to make my stuff look nice in plain sight. I use a lot of pretty jars, tins, cigar boxes and such to display all my supplies and tools throughout the house.

What is your most prized possession in your workspace?
Well this is going to sound totally cheesy but I'd have to say my baby boy. :)  If it wasn't for him and his daddy I wouldn't get to be a stay at home mom and run my own handmade business. Also, if it wasn't for him I might actually get work done in my workspace, lol. Okay, baby boy aside I'd have to say my Dremel drill press has made my life and work so much easier. That and my sewing machine.

Studio Tour - lost little thingsDo you have any DIY projects or thrifty finds you'd like to share?
Oh, I have loads of thrifty finds in my space! I've already mentioned my vintage tins, trays and cigar boxes I use for storage; my mason jar collection; and my two beautiful white vintage dressers I made my friend help me drag all the way from Houston ontop of her car. I also can't leave out my vintage luggage collection where I store all my fabrics and my $0.25 bathroom towel rack that I use as ribbon and wire storage.

Tips or advise you have for others? 
Shop thrifty when looking for storage containers and other bits for your work space. If you think outside the box you can usually find things a lot cheaper and a lot more attractive at a flea market or second hand store then you can at the big chains. Get creative, have fun and let your space reflect your style because you want to feel comfortable and inspired when working in there. 

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