Upcycled Succulent Planters

Well this project wasn't on my official summer DIY list but it was one that just screamed at me after our cheap muffin pan was official ruined in the last wash. It was perfect timing for me to propagate some of my spring succulents. I also had a rusty bread pan I picked up in a batch at a yard sale a while back that fits perfect in my kitchen window seal.  It was in need of some yummy smelling herbs. 

So this is my version of a succulent centerpiece perfect for your indoor or outdoor table; wedding or summer party...

I opted not to drill holes in the bottom of my pan as I want to potentially use it on my nice dinning table. However, I recommend drilling small holes if possible because succulents require very good drainage.

I used a variety of succulent shoots I had from other plants and mixed in a few new cacti and store bought plants. Make sure to use cacti/succulent soil to encourage proper drainage. I added some decorative white rocks to help contain the soil and make the colors pop.

For the bread pan I simply added some small 3-4" basil and lemon thyme plants, filled in with good soil and added decorative rocks. You could use herbs or flowers and these would also make great party or wedding table centerpieces. 

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