Upcycled Book Project One

I have a whole collection of used books I've picked up here and there from thrift stores and yard sales. Some I love just for how pretty they are, some I'd actually read and others I bought with projects in mind.  I have several book projects on my summer DIY to do list and this is just the first of them. I have been looking for a Rolodex of sorts for my office to hold photos, mail, business cards, etc. Since I haven't found anything I loved I decided to make one of my own out of an old book by simply folding the pages to create a sturdy fan effect. Starting in the middle, I folded the pages in half  then worked my way out to the sides; fanning out the last half inch on either side to disguise the inside cover.  You can use any size book and create your own unique style of Rolodex! Here is mine...

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