Summer DIY Project Series

I have a total love-hate relationship with Pinterest. I spend days at a time where I don't want to put my phone down then weeks where I just can't stand to look at another pin because I feel so overwhelmed (and sometimes bored with it).  In this new world of Pinterest we as interior designers, crafters, moms, cooks, gardeners, adventurers, etc. feel pressured to make more, do more, be better, be super moms and Martha Stewart wannabees because they make it look so easy...right? 

Feeling pressured to make stuff for upcoming baby showers, birthday parties, summer and the second baby on the way I've recently read some blogs and articles regarding the stress affects of Pinterest on moms. How we feel pressured to make everything and give our children huge, extravagant parties they don't need. Here are a couple that stood out: 

Even after reading all of this I still love (hate) Pinterest. I made fruit leather and jerky before the site ever existed; I've made baby toys and Christmas gifts from scratch for years; and I spent my childhood watching my mom go out of her way to put together elaborate holidays even when it was just the four of us. So as overwhelming as it can be sometimes, I am a visual person and Pinterest has allowed me to not only share my loves but find new ones.  

With a slow, hot summer ahead I decided to narrow my stress by creating a manageable DIY project list of my favorite pins then limiting myself to going on the website for the next couple months (I would just keep adding and adding...).  

My goal was one page, 20ish projects that I could pick and choose from; accomplishing maybe one project a week this summer. Well, it turned into two pages and about 40 some projects when it was all said and done because there are so many! I picked out some personal projects I've been drooling over, some handmade Christmas and baby shower gifts, and some fun things to do with/for Gabe and new baby.  I don't imagine I'll accomplish even half of them but its a nice reference to have them all in one list to pick and choose. Because its already terribly hot out I limited my gardening projects and I have a separate checklist of recipes I want to try as well. Although I consider myself very crafty and a decent cook some of these projects will probably end up on

With each project I intend to post my accomplishments and failures here on the blog.  I've posted a link to my entire DIY list below in case anyone wants to check out all my favorite 2012-2013 Pinterest projects and/or do some for yourself. :)

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