Guest Blog: ReClaimed Punk

I think part of what appeals to me about the art of reclamation and up-cycling is the idea that we are not only taking items and material that would otherwise end up in landfills, rivers and oceans, or even the very air we breathe, and making use of that stuff, but we're also being self-sufficient, taking back a piece of the drive and ingenuity and energy that allowed this nation of misfits to prosper yet has been monopolized by the corporate. And the perfect theme to capture this though is, naturally, Steampunk!

Steampunk idolizes the individual, and at its brass core is a union of old and new, of creative theatricality and cold, hard function. Also, it's super cool, yeah? Following are a few of my favorite Steampunk projects over at Instructables, and what I most like about them.

Steampunk Goggles: These are not the most interesting, or coolest looking Steampunk goggles to be found on the internet. No, what I like most about these goggles is the simplicity of the project and the creativity on display. Anyone can replicate this design, and it is easy to replace bits and pieces to come up with your own cool eye wear.

Steampunk Finger Sylus: I love everything about this project. It's simple, the components are easy to find, it has a unique look, and is surprisingly functional. Plus, I can see a dozen other cool projects to make out of this, too. You can see another example of this project here.

Steampunk Portable Harddrive Case: Now to go in the other direction - There is nothing simple about this project, but dang does the finished project look cool. I love the concept, but would like to see it done with reclaimed parts rather than craft store parts, but there is no arguing the success of the design.

Steampunk USB Flash Drive: A fun, flashy piece of steam punk (sorry, couldn't help myself). Beautiful to look at and much more durable than the original plastic case. You might get weird looks when you plug it into the office PC to transfer those work files, though. But isn't that part of the fun?

Steampunk Mr. Potato Head: Tired of all this function? Time for some pure fun? Then how about this modded Mr. Potato Head. He is way cooler than what I used to play with growing up. We used actual potatoes! But maybe that's just 'cause we're from Idaho. Anyway, this is a fantastic example of the sort of creative re-construction I've been showing you, and I hope it can inspire in you some fun, fresh ideas.

Thanks to the many fine folks who contribute to Instructables, and if you're interested in Steampunk, know that this is only the tiniest tip of an enormous clockwork submersible. If you have other favorite punk projects, or have created something yourself, tell us about it in the comments.

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