Baby Room DIY Project


So a friend gave me these large metal coffee cans and I've been wanting to make some cute storage out of them for my office. With baby coming along I took the opportunity to finally get them done. I think they'll be perfect for all those little necessities like thermometers, lotions, aspirators, etc. It was really easy so I thought I'd share it with everyone.
All you need is a large coffee can, preferably with a lid in this case, a scrap of fabric, glue (Mod Podge), paint brush and scissors.

Cut the fabric to approximate size and use the paint brush to place glue on the can. I recommend starting with a couple inches of glue, center the fabric and work your way around each side until you reach the seam. Once you've got the fabric secure to the can use the paint brush to put an extra layer of Mod Podge on the outside of the fabric to help protect it and adhere it to the can. Its okay to leave rough edges hanging off each side as shown below because its easier to cut them off when dry. Once you have the fabric coated prop it up on something and let it dry.

 Once your fabric is dry (approximately 1-2 hours depending on glue and temp) you can use your scissors to cut the excess fabric off the ends and TA DA...your done! Well almost. I usually take a little glue on my finger around the edges once I've cut to help reinforce the fabric along the edge. If you have more than one can you can use coordinating fabrics in different patterns or colors to help distinguish which items are in which can.

My third can didn't have a lid so I used a can opener to cut open the bottom and make a lamp shade. I simply drilled four holes at equal distance along the ridge and added wire to allow it to hang from the ceiling. Then I followed the same steps above.

Whats your favorite baby room DYI project?

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