Handmade Star Wars Costumes


For Halloween this year my husband decided he wanted a Jedi outfit for his office costume contest so we decided the whole family would go Star Wars. Knowing I had a bunch of left over linen and brown felt from another project I decided to challenge myself, using only stuff around the house and a $20 budget for all three costumes.

Jedi Youngling: Gabe's outfit consisted of a wrap around linen undershirt, a sleeveless felt robe, my old belt, an emergency light from the car as a light saber, and booties made of daddy's old socks and stripes of felt. Super easy and cost under $5. 

Obi Wan Kenobi:  Wade's outfit took the biggest part of the budget because I purchased, on sale, some light weight brown fleece to make his robe nice and fitted. A black undershirt, linen wrap, belt, boots, silver hairspray, and light saber made for another easy, cheap costume. Not to mention my boys looked pretty awesome! 

Princess Leia: I'm still missing some files here and there from my computer crashing so I don't have a great one of my costume but it was pretty basic. I had a white sleeveless dress already so I whipped up a cowl neck and long, draped sleeves to wear on top with this belt and matching grey boots. The belt is made of felt, white foam scraps and left over google eyes spray painted silver; all items I had on hand from old projects. Because my hair is short I made a head piece by gluing stripes of felt left over from Gabe's robe into buns then onto a headband.

Besides making a surprise appearance at daddy's work, Gabe also dressed up and we all went to Cedar Park to play in the Halloween games, bouncy houses and see the petting zoo and fire trucks. He was pretty pooped after carrying around R2D2 (aka "ot") around all day.

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