DIY First Birthday Projects Underway

This year we had so many ideas for a first birthday party that we could barely narrow it down. But after going back and forth we finally settled on a robot & alien themed party. I immediately started drawing up ideas for a robot sized pinata, flying saucers bean bag game, robot and alien masks for party favors, etc. 

My DIY projects started with a simple "first birthday" banner with felt...

Then I kind of went felt crazy! But its cheap and easy to work so...

I've started in making vintage robot style masks for all the kids and spaceship themed bean bags for our toss games. 

My attempt at making alien eyeball headbands turned out successful!

Trying to come up with fun games for the older kids to preoccupy themselves I found paper plates make great flying saucers. :)  Stay tuned for more details when we get closer to Gabe's first birthday in July!

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